You’re Wasting Half of Your Workday*

Is your workday full of meetings that don't lead to outcomes, constant interruptions, and reactionary busyness, not to mention Facebook and

MatchPace exists to help you and your team focus on the most important tasks, eliminate waste, and accomplish your mission.


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Organizational Consulting

We can offer a seminar or workshop to give your team a taste of increased focus and effectiveness. We can work with one of your departments or teams to run a pilot project where you test out the ideas of better focus on outcomes, appropriate synchronization, and reimagined workdays, to see what these changes look like for you, before applying it to your whole organization.   

And if you want to go full-steam-ahead to reimagine your workday, we'll help you bring everyone into alignment at the optimal pace, saving you and your team time and money while improving morale and fostering a creative, productive environment.

Individual Coaching

Are you ready to identify and focus on your priorities, eliminate distractions,
and reclaim your lost time? Our targeted coaching sessions will start
you on your journey to a more intentional pursuit of your most important work.

Recruiting/Search Services

We work with organizations looking to meet their needs with a high-productivity individual in a less-than-full-time position. We have a deep network of professionals who are looking for opportunities to work hard and live well. Let us help you find a match!

*Studies from McKinsey and Harris point to 45% to 60% hours wasted at work each day.