About MatchPace

We spend more hours at work than almost anywhere else, yet 70% of Americans say they are dissatisfied with their jobs. As an employer, you can’t afford to have nearly ¾ of your workforce disengaged. Your organization’s success depends on having the right people truly satisfied and engaged in the right jobs.

As technology advances and we adapt to a growing information economy, the way we work changes. As an employer, you need the right employees with the right skills to operate in this ever-changing environment. The most talented workers today are looking for organizations that understand the industrial economy is a thing of the past. They want to work for organizations who value their skills and intellect, not just the number of hours they spend in an office. They are looking for opportunities to apply their skills and experience in a way that gives them the flexibility to prioritize their values. Companies who capture this talent can maximize their success by keeping the most talented employees engaged, satisfied, and productive.

Why Pace Matters

As an employer, creating the right pace will attract the right talented workforce. Studies show that people who work part-time voluntarily are “happier, experience less stress and anger and are more satisfied with their jobs than other employees.”

  • 62% of U.S. part-time workers are working reduced hours by choice (source: U.S. Census Bureau)

  • 70% of workers would switch jobs if it gave them more flexibility

  • 86% of workers say they value flexible hours at their jobs

  • 78% of workers say they value remote access at their jobs, and 62% of employees say they are more productive working outside the office

By optimizing your employee’s time and energy and allowing them to operate at a pace that works for them, you can attract and retain top talent, maximize efficiency and maintain a happy, productive workforce that will make you and your company more efficient, effective, and successful.