Hometown: Danvers, MA
Current Location: Silver Spring, MD
Why MatchPace: So many organizations are plagued with burnout and chaos. MatchPace is refreshingly different! MatchPace is all about the art of balance and learning to prioritize effectively - both work and life outside of work. I joined MatchPace to help change the way people think about, relate to and balance how they work and live. Our work is intentionally focused on helping people be great at what they do by building an organizational culture, infrastructure and way of life that helps support their overall wellbeing while being able to thrive both within and outside of work.
Favorite Hobby: Walking/Hiking in Rock Creek Park
Favorite Place I've Volunteered: Higher Achievement Program in Washington D.C
Professional Experience: I am passionate about helping organizations identify and articulate the WHY of their organization and having it serve as an organizing principle in all that do. Through my eclectic background for over 13 years in branding, communications and project management, I have had the wonderful opportunity to work with a variety of organizations like the Boston Red Sox, T-Mobile, Genentech, silicon valley tech start-ups as well as diverse small businesses throughout the U.S.
The People I Love: My amazing tribe that includes so many amazing family and friends and most notably my niece and nephew who have the most infectious laughs you'll ever hear.

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