Hometown: Military Kid - The world is my oyster!
Current Location: Fort Dix, NJ
Why MatchPace: There is always a better way, right? And one of the worst things we do as people is to have only one angle of perspective of living. Unfortunately, we accept it as the only perspective when, in fact, there are things physically, emotionally, socially & psychologically that others can see that we cannot. MatchPace is that lens for other organizations. As MatchPace helps others see themselves differently and more effectively, I see myself better as well.
Favorite Hobby: Podcasting, hands down!
Favorite Place I've Volunteered: I can't pick one, so I'll just talk about the latest: In Camden, NJ, there is a place called Urban Promise where I went with a team of people to help them restore a dorm for international volunteers who help revive the families and neighborhoods in the urban part of Camden.
Professional Experience: Nearly 20 years in the United States Air Force with almost 15 years of Training and Development experience with 150+ different specialties.
The People I Love: My bride of 15 years, Sherrell and my two super dope kids Alycea and Ethan.

Reach Me: (yes, you can really reach him there!)