Hometown: Maine
Current Location: Washington, DC
Why MatchPace: I have always been obsessed with efficiency of all kinds - but as life has gotten increasingly complicated and busy, I became even more preoccupied with operating efficiently in my work life. Modern work day and organizational structures are poorly designed and prevent us from executing innovative solutions, while also making sure that we never have enough time to devote to our life outside of work. There is a better way!
Favorite Hobby: Hard to pick one! Biking outside until it gets cold - then watching Planet Earth with my family and answering the never ending “why’s” from my three year old.  Why does that owl look so mad?
Favorite Place I've Volunteered: In high school I spent two weeks in rural Ecuador translating for a medical mission from Maine that provides medical care to underserved communities in Latin America. Having grown up in a small Maine town, it opened my eyes to so much.
Professional Experience: Almost 12 years working in the field of urban sustainability, and 6 in international development as a consultant to public sector clients in developing countries. Professional Qualifications: BA in International Relations from American University, MS in Sustainability Management from Columbia University. Sector Experience: International Development, Public Sector Development, Non-profit
The People I Love: My husband, one very tall toddler and an old cat.

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