Set Your Pace

FIND The Right Match for Your Pace

As technology advances and we adapt to a growing information economy, the way we work changes. The most talented workers today are looking for organizations that understand the industrial economy is a thing of the past. They want to work for organizations who value their skills and intellect, not just the number of hours they spend in an office. They are looking for opportunities to apply their skills and experience in a way that gives them the flexibility to prioritize their values. Companies who capture this talent can maximize their success by keeping the most talented employees engaged, satisfied, and productive.

Changing Your Culture

You may not need to add new employees on a part-time basis, but you do need to ensure all of your current employees are operating at the optimal pace. Let us help you evaluate your work environment. We’ll survey your needs and recommend ways you can streamline efforts and bring everyone into alignment at the optimal pace.  

For Organizations

As an employer, creating the right pace in your company or organization will attract the right talented workforce. 

By optimizing your employee’s time and energy and allowing them to operate at a pace that works for them, you can attract and retain top talent, maximize efficiency and maintain a happy, productive workforce that will make you and your company more efficient, effective, and successful.

MatchPace will work with your team to scope a part-time job opening and discover talented candidates to join your organization at the right pace for them and you. 

For Job Seekers

You are committed to your job, but you have other commitments too: family, volunteering, and hobbies. You want a job where you can work hard, contribute professionally, and still have time and energy to give to the other areas of your life that are important to you. Click below to receive job announcements and updates on organizations that are dedicated to a culture of hard work and balanced priorities.