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Optimize Your Pace

As a leader of your organization, you're looking for results. You recognize the amazing productivity gains we've seen from technology and an increasingly knowledge-based work environment. Now, you want to optimize your organization to help your team be more efficient and effective, accomplishing more in fewer hours. You get the very best from your team, and they get to take control of their time: it's a win-win!

MatchPace can help you evaluate and transform your work environment. Whether you want to engage us for a seminar or workshop, try out a pilot project, or fully reorganize your workday, we'll survey your needs and make recommendations to bring everyone into alignment at the optimal pace.

NEW: Bring MatchPace to your team for a brown bag lunch! With topics ranging from how to keep employees motivated to goal setting that actually works, these 50-minute interactive workshops can help your team be more efficient, productive and happy. Check out our list of topics and contact us today to schedule your brown bag lunch!

Find a Match

As an employer, creating the right pace for your employees helps you attract and retain top talent, maximize efficiency and maintain a happy, productive workforce. That makes your organization more efficient, effective, and successful. Maybe you aren't interested in changing the pace of your whole organization [yet!], but you see the value in offering a unique arrangement to the right person, meeting your needs as well as theirs. 

With MatchPace's search service, you get access to our network of talented professionals who want to contribute their skills to your mission. 

Be a Match

Are you a dedicated professional who desires to contribute professionally without sacrificing your values and passions? Maybe you want to be more available to volunteer with a cause close to your heart, run ultra-marathons, are approaching retirement and still have a lot of expertise to share, or you want to have more time for your family. You recognize the value of "both/and" rather than "either/or." To learn more about how we match you with the right job for your pace and to sign up for job announcements, please click on the button below.