Data Officer

Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio
Current Location: Back Home
Why MatchPace: I want to bring my best self into all parts of my life. Optimizing my work energies are important to ensure that I have enough in my cup at the end of the day to pour into all of the people (and things) that are important to me.
Favorite Hobby: I’m working on making self-care my hobby. I can’t give my best when I’m not at my best.
Favorite Place I've Volunteered: In undergrad I spent a few years volunteering at a local food bank. It was a great opportunity to get to know and serve individuals in the community and I built relationships with a couple of the elderly volunteers that I still hold close to my heart.
Professional Experience: Experience: I am passionate about working with organizations to help them make data-informed decisions. For more than a decade, I have used quantitative and qualitative methodologies to understand how organizations influence individual decisions and behaviors. Professional Qualifications: BA in Sociology at Kent State University, MA in Sociology and Demography at Penn State University, PMP certifications. Sector Experience: Non-profit, Health Insurance, Information Technology, and Services.
The People I Love: My awesome kiddo, amazing partner, and precious community near and far.

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