It takes courage to rethink the traditional workday. 

In our increasingly knowledge-based economy, the 40-plus hour week just doesn’t suit the type of work we do or how we do it. Our brains aren't machines, and we experience diminishing return on our efforts the longer our workday stretches. We have the benefit of technology and productivity tools that cut down the time it takes for employees to accomplish their tasks. 

Talented, well trained and high-quality employees understand this and are looking for opportunities that maximize their skills and abilities instead of chaining them to a desk or phone for a set number of hours each day. Companies who capture these professionals can maximize their success by keeping the most talented employees engaged, satisfied, and productive.

By optimizing your employee’s time and energy and allowing them to operate at the right pace for your organization, you can attract and retain top talent, maximize efficiency and maintain a happy, productive workforce that will make you and your company more efficient, effective, and successful. 

How do employers and employees benefit from a restructured work day?

  • Greater focus at work leads to higher productivity
  • Using the tools at our fingertips improves efficiency and eliminates wasted time
  • Tasks get accomplished more quickly, and talented employees are incentivized by what matters most to them: their time.

So whether you’re a CEO, hiring manager, or employee burned out on the 9-5 grind, MatchPace is here to help you find the right match for YOUR pace - keeping the most talented employees engaged in the marketplace while allowing them to thrive in all areas of their lives.

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Elizabeth Knox

Hometown: Honesdale, Pennsylvania
Current Location: Washington, DC
Why MatchPace: There are so many good, important, complicated challenges in the world. We need the best resources applied to them to make as big of an impact as we can. When organizations MatchPace they enable their most important assets - their people - to attack problems with their best energy. When organizations MatchPace they make it possible for the best and brightest to work hard and live well, honoring their priorities outside of work.
Favorite Hobby: Right now? Walks at the National Arboretum with my family. Lifetime? I actually really like working on hard problems, it's fun for me. 
Favorite Place I've Volunteered: Ang Bahay Parola, a home for children rescued from the streets of Manila in the Philippines. I lived in Manila for 7 months over 10 years ago, but part of my heart has been there ever since then.   
Professional Experience: Almost 15 years in the Defense field as an analyst, management consultant, and financial manager. Author of Faith Powered Profession.
Family: a husband, 4 little people, and a cat.

Reach me:; 202-807-5017


Caitie Butler

Hometown: Portland, Oregon
Current Location: Bend, Oregon
Why MatchPace: Our jobs are so much more than where spend time between the hours of 9 and 5. They affect every area of our life: family, friends, and our own health and wellness. Finding a workplace that matches your desired pace in life is the difference between slogging through 40+ hours of your week and truly thriving as you contribute your talents and passions to making the world a better place. MatchPace helps both employees and employers understand that work-life balance not only improves happiness in the workplace but also makes organizations more productive and successful.
Favorite Hobby: Hiking and camping (though both are a little more difficult with a newborn!) or relaxing at home with a good book and a glass of wine.
Favorite Place I've Volunteered: Young Life, a great organization that creates a safe, fun place for teenage kids to hang out and learn about their purpose in life.
Professional Experience: Five years in politics and government affairs, most recently serving as Communications Director in the Oregon Legislature.
Family: Husband, Rainier, and a daughter born in December 2016.

Reach me: