How many decisions will you make today?

It may seem overwhelming, but you will in fact make thousands of decisions today, from what to wear or have for breakfast, to which route to take on your commute, to how and when to tackle tasks at work. Many days we face even bigger decisions, whether they be financial, relational, or when to quit (or take a new) job.

Simply step inside a grocery store or look at a restaurant menu and bam! - hundreds of decisions, right in front of you!

In our modern age, we face more decisions than ever before. We may be tempted to face these decisions by adding more to our lives: more relationships, more technology hacks, more responsibilities. And that can quickly lead to decision burnout.

Saying “no” is a lost art when we’re faced with so many opportunities to add to our lives every day. But knowing what we need to STOP doing is even more important. That’s why we’ve launched the You Need To Stop Doing That Podcast in partnership with OPX and Work Better Day.

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Unfortunately, decision fatigue and burnout makes it even harder for us to analyze our options and know what to say “no” to. Our default becomes to say yes to everything, especially in the age of FOMO - we don’t want to risk saying “no” to a good opportunity, right? But we all know that saying “yes” to one thing often means saying “no” to something else.

We only have so many hours in a day, dollars in the bank, and mental and emotional energy. But we can ALL learn how to say “no” better and stop doing the things that hold us back from achieving our fullest potential - not just professionally, but in every aspect of our lives.

How might your relationships, finances, health, and career be transformed if you were equipped to say “no” better?

Learn from professionals with diverse backgrounds about how both individuals and companies are learning what they need to STOP doing and transforming both how they do business and how they live, such as:

  • Pete Davis, founder of Getaway, who reminds us that we don’t need downtime just so we can work harder

  • Gabrielle Bosche, founder of The Millennial Solution, who shares how different generations say “no” differently and how that can affect our workplaces

  • Nate Dvorak, Gallup researcher, who shares what organizations like CVS, REI, and Southwest have stopped doing in order to be true to who they are

Tune in to the You Need To Stop Doing That Podcast to hear from these guests and more and be inspired to stop doing something today!