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Work Hard & Live Well

MatchPace is Searching for Motivated Collaborators for Engaging Part-Time Work

MatchPace exists to help individuals and organizations focus on the most important tasks, eliminate waste, and accomplish their mission. We are seeking collaborators that are passionate about doing the same.


MatchPace helps organizations and individuals evaluate and transform their work environment, reimagining the traditional workday to maximize productivity and foster creativity while preventing burnout.

We offer consulting services to businesses, individual coaching, and professional matching services. Currently we are looking to build a roster of consultants to support all aspects of the business. 

We want to help companies and individuals identify and match their work pace to maximize organizational success and keep talented employees engaged, satisfied, and productive.

Work Description

MatchPace is looking to build an active roster of consultants to work on client engagements on an as-needed basis. Consultants are independent contractors that perform specific tasks and services within finite periods for MatchPace.

MatchPace’s scope of services differ depending on the client. 

·       Our business consulting services are focused on optimizing organizational culture and structure and include assessments, recommendation reports, seminars, and trainings – as well as change management consulting and visioning facilitation. This includes adjusting individual and organizational habits and mindsets to increase focus, reduce distractions, and create appropriate workflow structures.

·       Our recruiting and professional matching services cater to organizations searching for high-productivity individuals in less-than-full-time positions. MatchPace provides beginning to end search services, from understanding organizational culture and writing a job description to searching, interviewing and recommending candidates.   

Consultant Profile

We are looking for consultants with a broad range of skills, knowledge and experience to support all facets of the work described above.

·        Consultants must be able to be engaged as needed on specific, finite service engagements and must perform specific tasks within their area of expertise with little or no supervision.

·       Consultants must be responsible for their own work environment, tools, supplies and equipment.

·       Consultants must have specialized skills and expertise to complete and advise on discrete program and corporate needs, as defined by MatchPace.

We seek collaborators who are interested in part-time work and who:

-        Are adaptable

-        Actively listen, and confidently respond with concise thoughts that focus on solutions

-        Have a passion for and experience with a non-traditional work environment

-        Understand and thrive in a team culture

-        Are intrinsically motivated, with an innate desire to see organizations operate more effectively

-        Have a strong sense of responsibility for the work entrusted to them by clients

-        Are emotionally intelligent, don’t hold grudges, and are direct with constructive feedback

-        Know exactly when to ask for help, do not need or want hand-holding, but aren’t offended by guidance

-        Believe there is always more to LEARN

-        Can anticipate the needs and concerns of others, always thinking 5 steps ahead


Specifically, we seek professionals with experience and expertise in:

·       Organizational change management

·       Leadership training and vision and strategy setting

·       Recruiting and executive search

·       Business operations


The industry or function professionals have experience in can vary, but we are looking for those that are smart, work hard and are creative problem solvers.


In order to be considered please use this link. We'll ask you some questions and ask you to submit the following:

  • A CV with expertise, employment history, and/or consultancy history covering the last 5-10 years
  • A cover letter that describes your skills, project interests, availability
  • An introductory video – please send a brief, 2 minute video of yourself. It doesn’t have to be fancy, just shoot it on your phone, or have a friend take it. Please introduce yourself, tell us why MatchPace is interesting to you, and why you, yourself, want to work at an optimized pace.

How We Work

·       Client engagements typically last 1-12 months – depending on project and follow-on

·       We have general frameworks to bound an engagement, but are also open to new ideas or ways of looking at things

·       Iterative – we like quick turns and team perspectives


Next Steps

·        If it looks like there’s a potential fit, we’ll schedule a meeting over a cup of coffee if you are based locally

·        For those that are based outside of the Washington DC metro area, we can Skype!